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At the Martin Family Ranch we focus on creating a foundation of understanding and knowledge of horses. 

Geared toward those not necessarily seeking to ride due to physical or other concerns.  Develop a one-on-one connective bond with a horse or our therapy horse, built upon awareness, understanding and mutual respect.  Learn to lead, exercise in hand, brush, feed and care for a horse on an up close and personal basis.  Beginning Horsemanship lessons are unmounted, but can progress to horseback riding.

Our course practices a hands-on-the-horse, feet-on-the-ground first approach to Western horse riding, ensuring that you're comfortable and knowledgeable around horses so that you can develop a long term bond with our favorite animal!

Things you will learn:

Tack knowledge and care

Your tack is your connection to your horse, and an understanding of it's function and fit on your horse is paramount. 

Brushing and cleaning the horse

Martin Ranch tack room

Brushing and cleaning a horse is vital for creating a lasting bond, and being comfortable on the ground around horses deepens the connection and understanding we share.

Feed, bedding and clean up

Knowing what a horse eats, where a horse sleeps, and how much of a mess they're making is an important part of horsemanship. Yard care is as much a part of Western riding as the time spent on the horse.

Martin Family Ranch

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